Jackson Leavitt

As the principal of multiple businesses over 20 years, I oversaw operations and managed projects building and designing high-end residential furniture in collaboration with an industry-leading client base.

I started my career as an upholsterer through an apprenticeship before opening my first upholstery business five years later. I then began building client relationships that grew over the next two decades. My career evolved as I experimented with new techniques, focused on furniture's technical design, and explored how subtle adjustments impact the customer's experience.

In 2016 I created J. Leavitt Supply Company, a menswear-inspired collection of bags. My passion for the outdoors and fashion led to a couture line focused on fine details that would hold up to the conditions of the Pacific Northwest. Multiple media sources have featured my wares, including British GQ, GRAY Magazine, and The Seattle Times.

portrait of Jackson Leavitt